Canadian Art features Immune Nations art exhibition in article

May 25, 2017
Kaisu Koski

On May 25th, Canadian Art featured GSL Director Steven Hoffman, Natalie LovelessSean Caulfield, and their evidence-based art exhibition, <Immune Nations>, which is currently being showcased at the UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland until June 30. <Immune Nations> aims to provoke discussion about the constructive role that art can play in global political discourse around life-saving vaccines, and brings attention to these debates and the often-complex emotional states that surround them. The article explains that "understanding vaccine-critical narratives, and addressing them head-on, is especially important at a time when popular scepticism around science is growing rapidly in many parts of the globe—whether around climate change, voting technologies or, yes, vaccines." Caulfield poses the question he and the team asked themselves during conceptualization of the project, “how do you as an artist make a statement about advocacy while not falling back and creating propaganda?” Meanwhile, Hoffman says, "[Immune Nations] is particularly timely now, given that we see around the world people questioning the role of science and alternative facts. It’s really important to us that we engage across sectors and find a new language in which to ensure people can be as healthy as possible.” Read more on <Immune Nations> here, and read the Canadian Art article here