Lawyering in Humanitarian Crises


Monday, March 21, 2016, 11:30am to 1:00pm


359 Fauteux Hall, University of Ottawa

On Monday, March 21st, GSL will host a talk by Red Cross Lawyer Amy Avis on lawyering in humanitarian crises. Amy will speak about her experience in providing commercial legal advice in difficult contexts such as disasters and humanitarian crises. She will discuss the tension between legal compliance and the urgent humanitarian imperatives to provide aid in an emergency response, as well as how organisations assess and mitigate risk in inherently risky operations such as epidemics and conflict zones. Amy will present these issues with real examples from her experience leading the legal work for disasters such as Nepal, the Philippines, Haiti and the Ebola response.  

Amy Avis is Legal Counsel at the Canadian Red Cross and her primary practice areas are International Commercial Law and Emergencies Operations. Amy graduated from the University of Ottawa, Common Law program in 2011.  Her work has taken her all over the world on behalf of the Red Cross where she addresses legal compliance issues, supports legal capacity building and undertakes contract negotiations. 

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