Recent Publications

Baral, P., Danik, M.E. & Hoffman, S.J., 2019. Leçons tirées de dix pays sur la réglementation des antimicrobiens pour les animaux d’élevage. Canadian Journal of Law and Society / La Revue Canadienne Droit et Société , 34 (3) , pp. 521-553. ArticleAbstract
This study examines the regulatory approaches of ten countries: France, Denmark, Australia, Canada, the United States, Russia, Japan, Brazil, China and India with regard to the regulation of antimicrobials at the three main points of entry into the agricultural process, that is in veterinary medicine, in agricultural production, and in the sale of agricultural products. To be effective, regulation must take into account the context in which it operates. This study therefore attempts to draw lessons from the ten jurisdictions above, in the light of their realities around the use of antimicrobials in the agricultural process.