GSL Associate Director interviewed by Radio-Canada on Vaping

September 20, 2019
Patrick Fafard

On September 19, GSL Associate Director Patrick Fafard was interviewed by Radio-Canada in order to contextualize a recent string of news items coming out of the vaping industry. A series of strange illnesses and tragic deaths has put legislators, patient advocates and other major public health stakeholders on high alert. Some now call for stricter regulation of the e-cigarette market. In the United States, the government is considering a complete ban on flavoured vaping products.


In his interview, Prof. Fafard discussed these potential regulations. Examples including a ban of flavoured vaping products, or regulating the nicotine concentration of e-liquids are, according to Fafard, possible future steps that could be taken in the Canadian market. He also discussed the downside of regulating the vaping market too harshly. Restricting access to vaping products could lead consumers back to combustible tobacco products, whose consumption rate has been steadily decreasing.


The segment, which is titled ‘Le vapotage, populaire et... dangereux ?’, is available in French here.