GSL Director Discusses Vaccinations on CBC’s Cross Country Checkup

May 5, 2019
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On May 5, GSL Director Steven Hoffman was interviewed on CBC’s radio show Cross Country Checkup. This week’s episode discussed whether the measles vaccination should be mandatory in Canada. It featured a number of experts and listeners with varying opinions on the subject.

Hoffman discussed the importance of vaccinations, and ways in which we can increase use of vaccines. Rather than focusing on those who are critical of vaccines, Hoffman recommends that health authorities should focus on the 90% of Canadians who want to be vaccinated. He suggests that we should work to systematically eliminate barriers to vaccinations, such as reducing the costs associated with vaccines, making the process for getting vaccinations as easy as possible, and empowering family doctors to remind parents when their children are overdue for a vaccination.

The full episode can be accessed here.