GSL Director interviewed by CBC on the anticipated effects of climate change

August 3, 2017
Climate Change

On August 3rd, GSL Director Steven Hoffman was interviewed by CBC Daybreak South and broadcast over 13 radio stations on the dramatic anticipated effects of climate change, that will soon deem parts of Northeastern India inhabitable. “We are starting to be living in an era of climate change refugees. I think this study shows that if we aren’t bolder in our action on climate change, we are going to have a situation where at least - well, focusing on South Asia for a second - that there is going to be 40 million people who aren’t going to be able to live, at the end of the century, where they are currently living," explains Hoffman; however, we do have options. If we fully implement the existing Paris Climate Agreement, we can avoid some of the worst effects on human health. Listen to the full interview here at 27:30 to learn more.