GSL Hosts Workshop on Integrating Science and Politics for Public Health

June 25, 2019
Adèle & Patrick

On June 24th and 25th, GSL hosted an international workshop on the topic of Integrating Science and Politics for Public Health. The workshop brought together a group of researchers from institutions in Canada, the UK, Denmark, and Australia to discuss the ways in which insights and tools drawn from political science can deepen our understanding of the role of evidence in public health policymaking. Participants explored a range of topics, including the role of deliberative mechanisms in creating and interpreting evidence more democratically; the politics of evidence utilization during pandemics; the role of parliamentary committees in generating policy evidence; and strategies for circulating evidence into the policy process at the local level. The workshop was a first step in a longer-term collaboration focused on reconciling the importance of scientific evidence with the essential political considerations of democratic states.  

A short account of the workshop and what is planned by way of followup can be found here.

The workshop agenda can be viewed here.