GSL Publishes in Canadian Journal of Public Health

May 7, 2019


GSL Director Steven Hoffman and Associate Director Patrick Fafard published a commentary in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, titled “Building the political case for investing in public health and public health research.”

This paper discusses how governments all over the world are underinvesting in public health and public health research, despite the existing evidence demonstrating its social and economic benefits. One main reason for this underinvestment is that public health initiatives usually operate over the long term, whereas governments must often demonstrate visible impacts within a single election cycle. The authors suggest that in order for public health to receive greater political investment, the public health community should develop new strategies to make public health a political win. Strategies include: (1) make public health visible; (2) navigate diffused and non-linear decision-making processes; and (3) differentiate between policy instruments.

Read the full paper here.