GSL Publishes an Evidence Map on AMR in PLOS Medicine

June 11, 2019

GSL’s Managing Research Fellow Susan Rogers Van Katwyk and Director Steven Hoffman published an evidence map in PLOS Medicine, titled “Government policy interventions to reduce human antimicrobial use: A systematic review and evidence map.”

The systematic review looks at impact evaluations of government policy interventions that aimed to reduce human antimicrobial use. From this, the authors were able to identify 17 different types of policy interventions that governments have used to tackle this major driver of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in humans.

The systematic evidence map suggests that governments have a variety of policy options at their disposal to respond to the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance including public awareness campaigns, antimicrobial guidelines, vaccination, and tailored regulations for prescribing and reimbursement. Unfortunately, most existing policy options have not been rigorously evaluated, which limits their usefulness in planning future policy interventions. The authors suggest that in order to avoid wasting public resources, governments should ensure that future antimicrobial resistance policy interventions are evaluated using rigorous study designs, and that study results are published.

Read the full study here.