GSL Publishes Op-Ed in The Conversation and the Winnipeg Free Press

September 26, 2019


On September 12, GSL Director Steven Hoffman and Faculty Associate Mathieu Poirier published an op-ed in The Conversation, titled “The next battles against tobacco must be fought in the world’s major cities.”

The op-ed discusses how the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) has not yet led to equitable protection against the harms of tobacco in all cities around the world. While people are smoking less in richer countries, tobacco consumption is rising in poorer countries.

The authors identify two possible reasons for this discrepancy, including:

  1. Tobacco taxes in rapidly growing metropolises (e.g., Beijing, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City) are lower than they should be, and not rising as quickly as incomes
  2. The implementation of tobacco control policies in richer countries has incentivized tobacco companies to relocate their lobbying, marketing, and promotion activities to big cities in poorer countries with far less stringent policies

The full op-ed can be read here.

The op-ed is linked to two studies GSL published in the British Medical Journal earlier this year:

  1. Cigarette consumption estimates for 71 countries from 1970 to 2015: systematic collection of comparable data to facilitate quasi-experimental evaluations of national and global tobacco control interventions
  2. Impact of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on global cigarette consumption: quasi-experimental evaluations using interrupted time series analysis and in-sample forecast event modelling

The article was republished in the Winnipeg Free Press on September 26, 2019. You can find it here