GSL publishes paper examining the popular and political discourse of AMR in China

February 28, 2019
Global Health & Policy


Global Strategy Lab’s Research Assistant Annie Yu, Managing Research Fellow Susan Rogers Van Katwyk and Director Steven Hoffman and published a study in Global Health Research and Policy, titled “Probing popular and political discourse on antimicrobial resistance in China.”

This qualitative study uses grounded theory and iterative thematic synthesis to categorize key themes found in Chinese news media documents and Chinese policy documents to provide an authentic understanding of public discourse in China on AMR. Findings from the study show that in general Chinese news media articles are aligned with that of Chinese government policies, suggesting that the risks of AMR are portrayed in a way that the national government approves. Authors suggest that the Chinese news media and government officials should avoid being overly optimistic about the domestic implications of AMR and undertake efforts to ensure that accurate scientific evidence is disseminated. 

Read the full study here