GSL Research Associate Presents Poster at ISA 2019

March 28, 2019
MP at ISA 2019


On March 28, GSL Research Associate Mathieu Poirier presented a poster titled “Reducing global cigarette consumption: How does the WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control measure up?” at the International Studies Association 2019 Annual Convention in Toronto. The poster summarizes findings from the Global Strategy Lab’s upcoming publication titled "Did the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Reduce Global Cigarette Consumption? Quasi-Experimental Impact Evaluations Using Interrupted Time-Series Analysis and In-Sample Forecast Event Modelling”, which is coauthored by Steven Hoffman, Mathieu Poirier, Susan Rogers Van Katwyk, Prativa Baral, and Lathika Laguwaran. Visitors to the "Governing the Political: Non-State Actors, IGOs, & States” poster session commented on the significance of the findings and implications for those working on treaties dealing with health and social issues.