GSL Research Fellow Publishes in SSM – Population Health

October 29, 2018

GSL Research Fellow Mathieu Poirier published a study in SSM  – Population Health, titled “Transnational Wealth-Related Health Inequality Measurement.”

The article proposes a new method of measuring transnational health inequalities. It first illustrates the limitations of using a country-by-country approach using simulated data, then applies the transnational approach to wealth-related health inequalities between and within Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Transnational socioeconomic rankings reveal a large and increasing divergence in wealth between the two countries, which would be ignored using the county-by-country approach. This novel methodological approach reveals hidden dimensions of wealth-related health inequalities, such as an urbanized “middle class” distribution of HIV and a hidden unequal burden of wasting among children, and overcomes errors in gauging changes in inequality over time. Using the transnational approach can help to measure important trends in wealth-related health inequalities across countries that more commonly used methods traditionally overlook.

Read the full article here.