Juli Finlay

Juli Finlay

Investigator, Global Strategy Lab
PhD Anthropology, University of Calgary

Juli Finlay is a Research Associate with the Global Strategy Lab, where she conducts research on organ donation and transplantation governance. Juli...

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Mathieu Poirier

Investigator, Global Strategy Lab
Assistant Professor, York University
p: +1-416-736-2100 ext 30043


Mathieu is conducting research on the topic of global legal epidemiology at the Global Strategy Lab, with an initial focus on the WHO...

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A.M. Viens

Investigator, Global Strategy Lab
Associate Professor, York University
p: +1-416-736-2100 ext 30042

A.M. Viens is an Associate Professor of Global Health Policy in the Faculty of Health at York University. He has degrees in philosophy...

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