Roojin Habibi


Roojin Habibi

Research Fellow, Global Strategy Lab
PhD Candidate (Law), York University

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Roojin Habibi holds a law degree (Juris Doctor) from the University of Ottawa, a specialization in transnational law from the University of Geneva (2018) and an MSc in Global Health (2015). She is a Research Fellow in Global Health Law at York University's Global Strategy Lab (Canada) and an Education Consultant in Medicines Policy and Ethics at the University of Sydney's School of Public Health (Australia).

Roojin collaborates regularly on academic and peer-reviewed research at the intersection of health, ethics and international law. She is also an advocate for human rights, and has worked to advance the rights of people living with or affected by HIV at NGOs in Canada and Namibia, and at the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. She serves on the North American Coordinating Board of  Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, a student-led organization working to improve access to medicines around the world.

 Roojin is currently a Candidate in the Law Society of Ontario's Lawyer Licensing Process.

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