Thana Cristina de Campos

Thana Cristina  de Campos

Thana Cristina de Campos

Faculty Associate, Global Strategy Lab
Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Ottawa

Dr Thana de Campos is an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law (Common Law Section), and a research fellow at GSL. She is also a research associate at the Von Hügel Institute (University of Cambridge/UK) and at Law Casas Institute (University of Oxford/UK). She holds a doctorate in law (jurisprudence) from the University of Oxford, and a master in international law from the University of Sao Paulo/Brazil.

Dr de Campos researches and publishes in bioethics, legal theory, and moral philosophy, with particular interests in Natural Law, Virtue Ethics, global health law, global health governance, and the human right to health.

Through her work at GSL, she aims to develop the field of Global Health Ethics, and to help law students understand why there are practical reasons to care about global health ethics considerations (and about ethical considerations in general).

Dr de Campos has complemented her scholarship with a commitment to public service. She is the co-founder of Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) in Brazil, together with the Brazilian Ministry of Public Affairs. Her motivation in founding ASAP was to equip policy and lawmakers with the philosophical tools necessary to discern what is reasonable and unreasonable in certain laws, particularly health laws.