Research and Development Priorities to Achieve the “Grand Convergence”: An Initial Scan of Priority Research Areas for Public Health, Implementation Science and Innovative Financing for Neglected Diseases

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The purpose of this working paper is to explore the feasibility of compiling and synthesizing diseasespecific information to inform the deliberation and discourse on identifying priorities for research to improve health – with a specific focus on the dimensions of public health, implementation science and financing. This working paper is a companion to Working Paper 1, which focused on basic science and targeted product development, including diagnostics, drugs, vaccines, microbicides and vector control products [Working Paper 1: “Priority Research Areas for Basic Science and Product Development for Neglected Diseases” by Sue J. Goldie, Jennifer S. Edge, Christen Reardon, Cherie L. Ramirez]. 


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Last updated on 07/22/2015